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Parsing DDL Script with this module is in progress (0.35.1 ?). With this release you can import some scripts from :

2 kind of model can be imported :
  • Physical (Other words : Logique ? Relationnal ?)
  • Conception


Here is a example, extract of Sakila

Choose File / Import Sources... importSetting

Note that you might have to choose "UTF-8" as encoding.

You have to choose the database : Mysql/MariaDB or Sql Server.
For this example, choose Mysql/MariaDB.

Result with Physical model : Physical model

A FK become an association and each attribute of FK is in the table. Stereotype <<Table>>, <<PK>> and <<FK>> are created in the project.

Result with Conception model : Physical model A FK can become :

  • An association
  • A generalization

About FK

The name of the association end is :

  • The name of the column in the base if there only one
  • Otherwise, the name of the FK

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