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Re: The work with the release 0.26.alpha4

Author linus
Full name Linus Tolke
Date 2008-08-02 13:35:29 PDT
Message The tag for the 0.26.alpha4 release is now (finally) set.

You can continue committing your work towards the next release.

We are in alpha period. Commit restrictions apply in that only solutions
to DEFECTs registered in issuezilla can be commited. For all commits in
trunk, specify the number of the DEFECT in the commit message. Excluded from
the commit restrictions are:

   - Things not included in the release (euml, new sequence diagrams).
   - Test cases. There is no restriction on creating new test cases or
   improve the existing test cases.
   - Documentation (User Manual, Web site(s), Cookbook).

The next release is hopefully the 0.26.beta1 release next Saturday. That
requires all P1 and P2 issues to be resolved. If there are P2 issues left, I
will convert that release to an alpha release (alpha5) and reschedule the
beta releases.

The release will be available in a few hours.


2008/8/2, Linus Tolke <linus at tigris dot org>:
> Hello all!
> I will now start working with the 0.26.alpha4 release. Please no commits in
> any of the argouml projects until I have created the release branch and get
> back to you.
> /Linus

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Re: The work with the release 0.26.alpha4 linus Linus Tolke 2008-08-02 13:35:29 PDT
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