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Conversion to Subversion

Author Linus Tolke <Linus dot Tolke at enea dot se>
Full name Linus Tolke <Linus dot Tolke at enea dot se>
Date 2006-09-08 00:54:04 PDT
Message Hello all!


After tomorrow's release of ArgoUML (0.23.1) I plan to request conversion of all the projects to Subversion.


This means for everyone that you will have to delete and stop working in your cvs-checked out copy of the projects and instead check out a new working copy using subversion. If you have any work done in your checked out copy, during the conversion, you will loose the ability to find it since "cvs update" will not work anymore after the conversion and you also have extra work in patching it into your subversion checked-out copy later. For this reason I urge you to, commit your work into cvs now. If your work isn't completed, create a branch and commit it there. Branches will appear in the subversion repository and you can then use subversion to work in the branch or merge from the branch.


I expect that the CollabNet staff that will do the conversion are not working weekends so they will probably do this sometimes on office hours next week. During the actual conversion the project will be locked.


As soon as the conversion is completed and the subversion repository is unlocked you can start working again.


However, there are a lot of small things that will have to be fixed because of the conversion. Among other things, the Eclipse checkout explicitly uses CVS. That will have to be fixed for those who checkout from within Eclipse. Some other tools (the nightly build) and also the descriptions on how to checkout and build explicitly uses CVS. The website explicitly names CVS in the browse repository. I will work my way through the tools (non-eclipse) and as soon as I am done and has it working I will (according to plan) make a 0.23.2 release that I expect has no functional difference but it will be released using release tools enabled for subversion. If it takes me longer to do this, if I run into unforeseen problems, the 0.23.2 release will be delayed. Don't let this stop you. Just continue your work and commit fixes and features into 0.23.2. After 0.23.2 I will update the nightly build, web site(s) and Cookbook in that order. If you want to help in this, you're most welcome.


Let's hope for a smooth transition.





Linus Tolke

Enea Epact AB
Teknikringen 8, 583 30 Linköping, Sweden
Direct: +46 13 465 58 49
Mobile: +46 709 71 58 49
linus dot tolke at enea dot se <mailto:linus.tol​ke at enea dot se> linus at tigris dot org <mailto:linus at tigris dot org>
www.enea.com <http://www.enea.com/>

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Conversion to Subversion Linus Tolke <Linus dot Tolke at enea dot se> Linus Tolke <Linus dot Tolke at enea dot se> 2006-09-08 00:54:04 PDT
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