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[argouml-sql-users] Foreign Key woes

Author webpost at tigris dot org
Full name webpost at tigris dot org
Date 2010-01-07 15:22:20 PST
Message Hi Kai (and anyone else reading)...

Alright, I've read everything I can find on setting up foreign keys with argouml-sql and I'm still not quite getting it. I understand that I need to give a class attribute the <<FK>> stereotype, and I know I need to create an association between the two classes, and I know I'm supposed to put the name of the association in a tagged value somewhere, but:

- where does the tagged value go exactly? On the attribute having the <<FK>> stereotype, on the class, on the relation, or on the stereotype itself?

- what should the name of the tagged value be, or does it matter? I assume the value will be the name of the relation, is that correct?

The error message I'm getting looks like this: "association named '' for relation MyClass not found". I feel like I'm close, but so far no cigar...

Thanks in advance for any help!

-- Nick

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